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Beverly's - Sky High Sophistication in Coeur d'Alene

The team at Beverly’s is known not only for its world-class wine collection (it is the most extensive list in the Northwest), but also some of the finest food and most luxurious dining experiences in our region. From the moment you exit the elevator on the 7th floor, a superior experience awaits. After you are greeted, you will walk past the roaring flames in the open kitchen, a panoramic lake view through the windows (with the occasional feathered visitor flying past), and then you’ll be led to your seat where the real magic begins.

Executive Chef Jim Barrett has crafted a new fall menu that shows off the best products of the season and executed with the highest precision. He knows exactly what diners expect, and he takes great pleasure in delivering a satisfying meal in a refined style. Highly recommended appetizers on their current menu include the brie en croute, which is delicately wrapped in puff pastry and accompanied by dried cherries, pistachios and a balsamic glaze, and the crispy crab cakes, which are served with tobiko caviar, and a particularly dazzling Bloody Mary sauce.

As far as entrees go, you cannot go wrong in ordering the pan-seared British Columbia King Salmon, which has a vegetable quinoa salad and roasted skillet corn (which was the best that I’ve ever had!), and a lemon beurre blanc to round out the flavors. I love the attention to detail that the culinary team places on every item that touches your plate - even the garnishes are delicious! Another show-stopper was the slowly braised Elk Osso Bucco with smoked mushrooms, brown butter spätzle (a German specialty) and seasonal vegetables in a red wine demi-glace. It was so tender, I didn’t need a knife - it simply fell off the bone. If you love duck as much as I do when you dine out of the house, get the Maple Leaf Farms Roasted Muscovy Duck. Everything about it is satisfying, from the toasted barley salad with tart cherries to the crispy Brussels sprouts and port reduction. Just heavenly.

To accompany your meal, there is nothing quite as simple and luxurious as sharing a bottle of wine amongst those you love. Sommelier Sam Lange, who has been sharing his expertise with the restaurant for decades, is the ultimate professional at his craft. If you’re looking for the perfect bottle (in any price range), he and the other Sommeliers can guide you to a selection that will knock your socks off. As an avid wine collector myself, I typically ask Sam or one of the other talented Sommeliers on staff to pick something they would enjoy themselves with the meal I have chosen, emphasizing my desire to try a wine I can’t find locally.

They have access to unique wines from small producers all over the world that the average consumer is unable to attain, and I relish in the ability to try something completely new whenever possible. Not only will they help you select a great wine, but it will be stored and served at the perfect temperature with the expected flair from an establishment that specializes in fine wines. They deftly open the bottle, show you the label, pour a taste for you to try, and then pour the wine for the guests at your table who request it - all included in the cost of the wine. The wines available range from $27 and up, and the sky is the limit with the rare and truly special bottles they have in the cellar.

Don’t wait for a special occasion just to dine at Beverly’s - they are also open for lunch daily, and the and cocktails in the Lakeview Lounge after the restaurant goes to sleep. If you want to enjoy some very affordable luxury, this is what you’ve been looking for! You get to choose between soup or salad and pick an entree like pan-roasted king salmon with steamed rice, Asian slaw, and a soy-wasabi glaze, chicken Oscar with asparagus, Béarnaise, and mashed potatoes, or a filet of sirloin with Yukon Gold mashed potatoes and crispy onions. The team at Beverly’s truly makes your evening a relaxing one in every way. May the hardest decision you have to make this week be choosing between Beverly’s signature orange roll or the sourdough roll.

by Erin Peterson

Erin is a professional educator by day and a food blogger by night. She is a devoted wife, loving mother of three boys, and enjoys traveling around the region she calls home. Her hobbies include tending her cut flower garden, playing with her pet Corgi, drinking Washington wine, and thrifting for treasured vintage goods. You can follow her on Instagram here.

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