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Bucket List Bites From Area Instagrammers

compiled by Erin Peterson

featured in Spokane Cd'A Living Magazine

You know those people in your life who always seem to know where to eat? These two women are definitely those kind of people. When I’m looking for somewhere to go for dinner, I immediately check out their news feed to see what they’ve been up to lately. Instagram has a way of helping people to connect with what is meaningful to them, and these two ladies are passionate about our local food culture. Whether they are entertaining clients, checking out the latest restaurant opening or just enjoying a night out on the town, they have this city dialed in. If you want a guaranteed hit, the recommendations they have given will make sure you have a great time eating somewhere you’ve probably driven by dozens of times and should have stopped.

Angela Schutz

Elliot’s Urban Kitchen

The owners at Elliot’s are passionate and intentional about their food, and are invested in what is happening on North Monroe. They care about their staff as well as their guests, and you’ll always find them walking around and interacting with people right at their table. They don’t have a huge menu, but everything that is on their menu is worth ordering. Their Pork Green Chile is warm and comforting, and is topped with cotija cheese and cilantro sour cream along with grilled tortillas. I simply couldn’t get enough. They also have potato wedges on the menu that are perfectly fried, crunchy and crispy, but the inside is still creamy - straight-up craveable. You have a choice of either chili lime garlic or parmesan thyme toppings, and they make all of their own aiolis. You probably won’t want to share.

Casper Fry

Just thinking about this place and its chill vibe, I want to go right now. They’ve been on the food scene for a really long time and they are still producing excellence. Their well educated staff will not steer you wrong with recommendations. I was just there a couple of weeks ago for lunch, and everything was on point right down to the last detail. I had a Nashville hot chicken sandwich that was the juiciest chicken I’ve had in years, and the soft bun they put it on perfectly complemented the crispy breading. The house made pickles and cabbage slaw made it the ultimate balanced dish. For having a small bar, they have a great bar. There is a strong selection of whiskeys from all around the world, and the mixology is focused on really fantastic classic cocktails.

Elliot's Urban Kitchen Black Bean Cakes
Elliot's Urban Kitchen

Tarascon Empanadas

Oh my gosh, I can’t stop with these empanadas! They are traditional Argentinian food, and they also make chimichurri. It isn’t usually served with empanadas, but it has been a crowd favorite. The ingredients that they chose were ones that would be most traditional to that style of empanada, and they may not be the most familiar to Americans, but there are a couple of menu items for the less adventurous eater that still loves delicious pockets of goodness. They even put their own stamp on their empanadas, and it is such a personal touch. Owned by a husband and wife team with their two children working with them as well, it truly is a family operation.

Fried Chicken Casper Fry
Fried Chicken - Casper Fry

About the Tastemaker: Angela is a caterer and mom. You will always find her talking about her favorite restaurants and how much she adores the ever-growing food scene in our city. She loves that local chefs and owners are being brave and taking risks to connect people with amazing food, making Spokane a better place to live and visit. People and food are her passion.

Diana Zartman


Spokane and the Inland Northwest stole our hearts through our stomachs. There is such a positive food culture here that you don’t find in many larger cities. Not a day goes by that I don’t hear of a new local eatery opening or a new menu being previewed at a favorite dining spot or a new featured dish. Here are a few of my favorites for you to try, too.

Pryor’s Rustic Restaurant

It wasn’t long until I began to fall in love with the Lilac City and the thriving food culture. Pryor’s has been our go to for cod fish and chips served with a side of chowder or slaw. The fish is oh-so flaky and perfectly breaded. The building has such an unassuming exterior in Otis Orchards, and a strong local following. You definitely won’t catch any tourists here, and it has a homey feel that you can’t replicate anywhere else in town. You can easily feed the whole family and won’t break the bank. The chowder is another must have. It’s rich and creamy, and reminds me of what you’d find on the east coast.

Social Media over the past few years has made it even easier to explore Spokane’s emerging food scene and connect with other foodies, and I’ve loved to connect on Instagram with fellow food lovers. That’s how I found this place - online. was the first sushi restaurant we checked out and we have been going back ever since. We love to sit at the bar and watch them work their sushi magic. Our go to Sushi Rolls are the Volcano Roll, Rainbow, Rosanna and the Oh! Kevin. Each one is totally unique and creative, and you’ll have fun ordering something that you haven’t tried before. They also have really solid sashimi that will please any serious fish lover.

Yards Bruncheon

With new eateries opening every week, we have added to our favorite’s list. Some of our favorite local eats that have kept us coming back to dine is Yards Bruncheon. This spot is a crowd pleaser, and though it can get crowded at breakfast time it is well worth the wait. The Breakfast Poutine is a perfect pairing of fries, gravy, candied bacon and egg. They serve Roast House coffee, and have a bar as well if you feel like enjoying a perfect Bloody Mary. Owned by Adam Hegstead, this is a tried and true spot for family brunch that we all get excited about.

Breakfast Poutine - Wandering Table
Breakfast Poutine - Wandering Table

About the Tastemaker: Diana moved to Spokane from Ohio in 2008, and has loved exploring and experiencing the diverse culinary scene in the area. She grew up on a farm where they ate what was grown or raised, so she enjoys sourcing fresh, local ingredients. During the day, she is a Contract Administrator for a local construction company; by night she is the head cook for my foodie husband, two boys and all our hungry friends.

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