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Coffee Crawl: the Best Coffee in Downtown Coeur d’Alene

When I wake up, the first thing I search for is great coffee. I simply can’t “adult” without it. Luckily, Sherman Avenue and the surrounding area downtown has lots of fantastic options for travelers and locals alike. I went on a coffee crawl to evaluate the best brew for you to enjoy, as well as some lovely atmosphere to either get work done, catch up with a friend or just relax and enjoy the moment. Any of the options I list would be a wonderful spot for you to curl up with a fantastic cup of joe.

Best Ambiance


This coffee house is a staple of local culture, and reflecting its popularity, it’s often quite busy. Don’t let that deter you! The service is fast and friendly, and they serve Doma coffee, which is locally roasted to perfection. Formerly the Exchange National Bank of Coeur d’ Alene built in 1904, then an ice cream parlor, a pharmacy, and even the town’s library, its location is filled with history and charm. Now it’s a place for locals and tourists to gather no matter the season. With comfortable seating, big windows that look onto Sherman avenue and limited outdoor seating in the warmer months, this is a spot that puts you in the middle of the action. They also feature some beautiful locally made products that you can take home for a gift.


If you like french pastries, you’ll love Woops. This bright and cheerful space is just a few steps from Sherman Avenue and is a coffee lover’s dream come true. They feature their very own European style roast, which they serve just how you like it with an array of options to choose from. The photogenic space features lots of tables to sit and chat or to get a little respite from the hustle and bustle. Specializing in macarons, there is a rainbow of color and flavor choices. Our favorite is the cookies and cream when it’s in stock. Not to be missed, however, is their absolutely delectable croissant sandwiches. I’d highly recommend the prosciutto and arugula for a luxurious take on the ham sandwich.

Special Roasts

Coeur d’Alene Coffee Company

This local spot roasts its own brew in-house, and it’s spectacular. If you’re looking for a legit roast house experience, this is a great place to stop in. Just a few steps from Sherman, their signature espresso drinks are worth the short walk. I order the “Honey Heaven”, which is a silky smooth latte lightly sweetened with honey and topped with cinnamon and lemon zest. Don’t let the unusual combination fool you - each ingredient only heightens the flavor of the coffee. The bacon potato pastry is another must-have menu item, filled with Idaho charm.

Evans Brothers

When it comes to craft coffee, this tucked-away gem has it down to a science. Located in downtown Coeur d'Alene on 5th street in between Sherman & Front, they also feature in-house roasting and highly knowledgeable staff. Their seasonal features menu always has something fun and playful to delight your senses. I enjoyed the Cardi P, which had subtle flavors of cardamom pistachio syrup, espresso, milk, and a spritz of rose. Want something to go with your coffee? They have locally baked organic and gluten-free pastries to accompany your caffeine.

Quiet Hideaway

Bakery by the Lake

Just across from the park, this sweet little corner spot is known for its house-baked bread and Caffe Umbria coffee. You’ll be able to get your favorite cup to-go and enjoy a stroll by the lake or stay in the light, vibrant cafe to relax. They also have portable lunches to take with you if you’d prefer a picnic.

Calypso Coffee Roasters

Funky and eclectic, this location has locally-made art adorning every wall and tons of space for you to find a comfortable spot to get some work done. They even have a quiet “smart room” that features desks with outlets and cubbies to really get focused. Onsite roasting at this location means that they are very proud of their blend, and you can even purchase some to take home.

by Erin Peterson

Erin is a professional educator by day and a food blogger by night. She is a devoted wife, loving mother of three boys, and enjoys traveling around the region she calls home. Her hobbies include tending her cut flower garden, playing with her pet Corgi, drinking Washington wine, and thrifting for treasured vintage goods. You can follow her on Instagram here.

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