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Top 10 For Restaurant Week 2017

Image courtesy of Batch Bake Shop

If you live in the Inland Northwest, you know about Restaurant Week. It's the World Series for foodies, and we get excited about it every single year. We pore over the Inlander's Restaurant Guide issue, circling, highlighting and starring our picks, ready to take on each reservation with the dedication of a pro player. If you are a little overwhelmed by the process of actually sifting through the phenomenal selections, I've got you. See below:

My top 10 Restaurant Week Recommendations

1. Inland Pacific Kitchen. You seriously can't order wrong here. Want the most innovative food in town from a Spokane Culinary Arts Guild fine dining winner at a $31 price tag? GO. HERE. If you can't get a reservation, make one for after Restaurant Week and just go to enjoy their incredible small plates.

2. Ruins - Another Spokane Culinary Arts Guild award winner for 2017 in Casual Dining, they have a frequently rotating menu much of the year. For Inlander Restaurant Week, they are featuring some fun and funky choices from a Crunchwrap Supreme (a feature of their McRuins Night menu on Mondays) to a sophisticated Chocolate and Orange Pave for dessert.

3. The Blackbird has some delicious comfort food classics. Get the Darkwing Duck wings. You're welcome. Also, don't forget the roasted spaghetti squash with brown butter, roasted garlic and spicy tomato, and doughnuts for dessert. YUM - and just $21. You probably won't want to share.

4. Midtown Bluebird is always delightful, but for Restaurant Week, their menu options are all so beautifully executed, and the value is strong. Hit up their octopus and Northwest Boulliabaise if you're a seafood person. I know I am, and they're my standbys.

5. Central Food's Chef David is such an undercover rockstar here in Spokane. I'm seriously drooling over the Brie Brulee with flamed sea salt and brown sugar brie on baguete, and the Kalbi Ribs which are a Korean style preparation. YES.

6. For really beautiful ambiance and refined menu selections, Luna Spokane has your perfect meal. Their butternut squash bisque is one of my favorite soups in town. I'd also snag the pork cutlet and limoncello strawberry sorbet for a light finish.

7. A low-cost wonder, Manito Tap House - a Gastropub has some of the most delicious eats for that accessible $21 price tag. The brisket sliders (YUM), carne asada with slaw, jalapeno jam and De Leon Foods' tortillas, and bacon bread pudding are a 100% guaranteed hit.

8. Santé Restaurant & Charcuterie has my heart with their French-inspired menu. I'd start with the Pane Panise (chickpea fritter) with a rich, complex remoulade, main of braised beef,and the Brie plate for dessert. Did you say cheese?!?!

9. The Wandering Table is famous for their popcorn cauliflower, but I'd probably go with my favorite - their crispy Brussels sprouts with maple-chile sauce, candied bacon and green onions. Then I'd get their beautifully house-cured pastrami duck with pickled mustard seeds and sauerkraut, and finish with my third course of Crispy Washington Steelhead with ginger glaze, a rice cake and soy syrup.

10. Last, but certainly NOT least, I'd definitely hit up Vine & Olive Eatery and Wine Bar if you are one of the few people in town who hasn't been there yet. Chef Paul and owner Naomi Boutzwill take great care of you and make you feel like you're a treasured guest with a delicious crab salad with thai flavors, house made fresh tagliatelle pasta with braised short ribs, and the most amazing honey-lavender creme brulee.

I seriously could go on and on, but these menus really stuck out to me for a special treat. Be sure to get reservations, as they will FILL UP!

Don't forget to use the hastag in every post of your food to provide FIVE meals to people in need - #irwravereviews. Copy and paste it into the end of your post to join in on the fun and philanthropy!


The Spokane Culinary Arts Guild works to establish an integrated social and professional network across Washington and Idaho where local food enthusiasts, chefs, farms and restaurant professionals can connect, collaborate and find the resources they need to thrive within local food webs that stimulate stronger local economies, encourage social equity and sustain our natural resources. It is our mission to recognize exceptional restaurants and industry partners in our region, and acknowledge superior business practices, concepts and achievements in our local community.

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