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Neighborhood Foodie Tour - Indian Trail

by Melissa Berry

Featured in Spokane Coeur d'Alene Living Magazine

Think there’s no place to eat in the Indian Trail neighborhood? Allow me to enlighten you about what a magnificent place the Indian Trail area is to eat. The diverse options for food are easily worth the drive.

You’ve probably been to Umi Kitchen and Sushi Bar at Kendall Yards, but did you know there’s also a delicious sushi place up north? QQ Sushi is the first place I brought my husband to when he visited Spokane for the first time, and it’s a place we visit monthly… if not more frequently. QQ is a small restaurant and gets crowded easily - if you’re planning on going after 5 pm during the weekday or anytime on the weekend, be prepared for a short (but very worth it) wait. If you’re really hungry, you can’t go wrong with any dinner bento, which includes your choice of meat and steamed or fried rice, gyoza, miso soup, and a California roll.

For sushi, we highly recommend the Red Dragon Roll (it’s even noticed as a top ‘customer’s choice’ roll) and the best-kept secret of them all, the $6 sushi sauté. With salmon, cream cheese and avocado inside, tempura fried with spicy aioli and eel sauce, it’s a decadent bite of sushi that will make you exclaim “this is only $6?!”

If you’re looking for a local place to grab a beer, pizza and watch a game, you have to visit Adelo’s Pizza, Pasta and Pints on Indian Trail. One of the few places to truly eat off Indian Trail Rd., Adelo’s has a corner on the market but never skimps on quality - or fun. There’s nothing like grabbing some mozzarella sticks, a pizza (our favorites are the Vegetarian and the Indian Trail) and some beer while watching a game or the local live music they have during the summer.

If you’re willing to drive down the hill a little, and we recommend it, local realtor Angela Foote recommends The Boiler Room off of 5 Mile Rd. and Maple Street, for “pizza and trendy social vibes”. The Boiler Room is an industrial style, open space restaurant with wood-fired pizza and cocktails. There’s plenty for everyone to eat at The Boiler Room too, from ribs to pizza to (my personal favorite) house pretzels with mustard and cheese.

One of my favorite places to grab a delicious, cheap drink was Growler Guys (RIP), and I lamented the loss of our somewhat close watering hole… until Happy Trails to Brews opened! Happy Trails to Brews has a ton of options, from delicious local beers to your favorite, well-recognized brands. There’s a ton of room to bring friends, watch the game, or play some trivia on Trivia Night.

Everyone’s drinking palate is different, but truly, the best recommendation I have for you is to tell the bartender what you typically like, and let him bring some samples. When I say samples, I’m talking generous samples. Much like Growler Guys, the tap rotates frequently and you can’t expect to get the same beer twice, but that’s part of the fun. Currently, the beer list is full of pumpkin-flavored or pumpkin-inspired flavors, making Happy Trails to Brews an excellent place to celebrate fall.

Indian Trail has plenty of delicious food and drinks to offer, so don’t hesitate to make the trip “up north” and see what you may have been missing.

Melissa is an avid foodie, and a millennial who relocated to Spokane, Washington. She is currently discovering everything the beautiful Lilac City has to offer. You can find her on Instagram at @everydayspokane.

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