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How can we impact change in a system that seems overwhelming?

This is the concept our team most focuses on when we make choices on where we are eating. The thing is, tons of local families own fantastic local businesses, but few people want to spend the extra money for the high-quality food and service many of them provide.

Today, I was explaining to a friend the nuances of what goes into crafting excellent sushi, and the same process of thought and research goes into making an excellent burger or even a taco. Yet, many people still choose fast food chains over delicious and locally owned alternatives.


Many people either can’t afford it (we’ve all been there), or don’t know how to cook and save themselves money at home.That’s where we come in.

We want to share recipes, strategies and ways to cook frugally at home with high skill so that you can save money and go out to places that truly serve excellent meals with great customer service and atmosphere so that you can enjoy your life more.

How do we do that?

We share our recipes and home cooking experiences on social media - both on Facebook and Instagram (depending on what your app of choice is), and then we also have a team of Tastemakers who do the same. We love sharing their work with you!

They are often featured on our newsfeed and on yours if you follow the hashtag #spokanefood on Instagram, or are in our group Spokane Foodies on Facebook.

We also spend our own hard-earned money at local restaurants every single day collectively, which amounts to thousands of dollars per year, and evaluate our experiences using a digital feedback form which gives us data about service quality, consistency, food quality (doneness of meat, textural elements, flavor balance, and other measures) to find the VERY best in Spokane. We only award locally-owned establishments and local individual employees once a year, and this year we will be having our very first awards gala to celebrate those in our local food industry.

They often exist in a thankless job, and we want them to know how much we appreciate their efforts to feed our bodies and our hearts with their passion for artfully prepared, great food.

Thank you for following our journey, and for #supportinglocal. We are grateful for your advocacy for our community through how you support these fantastic businesses, and create a vibrant culinary community as a result!

Eat well,

Erin and Rob