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September is Hunger Action Month. One in 8 people, including 1 in 5 children, in our area face hunger regularly. You can take a stand against hunger with us today. As our founder was born in September, this cause is especially near and dear to her heart. 

During the month of September, we are thrilled to announce our partnership with Second Harvest. 100% of the advertising proceeds we receive for the month of September will go to this phenomenal organization to support the hungry families in our community.

For every $1 donated, Second Harvest can provide 5 meals to those in need. This is making a real difference in real lives here in our community every single day.

Please click the image above to make a contribution to 2nd Harvest if you would like to help! Thank you for being as generous as you can.

Our mission at the Spokane Culinary Arts Guild is to lend a helping hand to members of our community who are doing excellent work, and we see the impact this incredible organization has on individuals all around our region. This particular organization is doing so much to impact lives, and we can't help but want to support their efforts through our own business as well as encouraging donations to give them the tools they need to help others.

Thank you to everyone at Second Harvest who helps to keep our community members' hearts AND stomachs full and healthy.

 If you would like to donate directly to 2nd Harvest, please click THIS LINK and help someone make sure they have a healthy meal today.


The Spokane Culinary Arts Guild works to establish an integrated social and professional network across Washington and Idaho where local food enthusiasts, chefs, farms and restaurant professionals can connect, collaborate and find the resources they need to thrive within local food webs that stimulate stronger local economies, encourage social equity and sustain our natural resources. It is our mission to recognize exceptional restaurants and industry partners in our region, and acknowledge superior business practices, concepts and achievements in our local community.

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