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Women in Food - Jamie Roberts of Three Birdies Bakery

by Erin Peterson

featured in Spokane Coeur d'Alene Living Magazine

Jamie Roberts is a creative force to be reckoned with. From a young age, she found her love of baking at her grandmother’s side. Every time she fills a cookie order, memories of her grandma come to mind. When someone had mentioned that they loved her cookies and would pay for an order, she decided to create some cookies for Valentine’s Day thinking that she would sell a few. In her excitement, she made 440 of them, and never looked back. Three Birdies Bakery was born.

It wasn’t something she always imagined she’d do for a living, and she already has a day job at Community Colleges of Spokane, but when the orders kept coming in, she leaned into her passion and decided to try to pursue baking full-time. That means long hours building a business from scratch. The volume of her orders has steadily increased, and she works to carefully balance her family time. She often bakes, frosts and paints her creations long into the night after her children have gone to bed.

Every creation that comes out of her kitchen is iced by hand without a projector, and it sets her apart. She is a dedicated wife and mother to three girls, who are the source of her little “birdies” reflected in the home

bakery’s name. Her shift in career has meant more time at home with her children, as well as the ability to delve deeper into her craft.

Although she never formally studied art, she uses the inspiration she finds

all around her to drive her artistically-minded creations. Jamie frequently scours the internet for inspiration, as well as popular baking shows.

Jamie has created cookies for many community events around the city, from the Spokane Culinary Arts Guild Awards Gala to events for our very magazine, and each time she crafts a completely custom design that reflects the theme of the evening.

After baking and decorating and delivering, she spends hours of her time around town at farmer’s markets and events selling her creations directly to customers as well as on her popular social media profile filling custom orders from people all over Spokane and the surrounding area. She has boundless energy and kindness that fuels the relationships that she has built with her dedicated clientele who keep coming back for more.

You can find her on Facebook or on Instagram at @threebirdiesbakery.

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