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We have poured our heart and soul into supporting our local online community, and now we can also work directly for you to help your business grow its online presence and its bottom line! My enthusiasm and expertise in growing your digital reach can build your social media following using best-practices. You'll be amazed at how your authentic connection with potential and current customers grows! I will help custom tailor an effective strategy for you to increase your revenue through up-to-the-minute marketing methods.


I want to help you work smarter, not harder, and spend your valuable time in your business or with your event, not staring endlessly at a screen!

You probably found me because you need to:

  • Build your digital presence and following.

  • Increase the return on investment from your content and digital marketing.

  • Move from one-way, sales-driven messaging to a content marketing model that is built on developing relationships.

That's where I am here to help. I regularly work with top luxury brands in the Inland Northwest to produce consistent client-winning content, and now I can work for you, too.


As an award-winning blogger and creative consultant specializing in luxury brand writing, I can assist you with your business needs through a variety of personalized resources to make your brand shine. Check out my current services below to book me before someone else does.

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Let's Get Started

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Hi! I'm Erin - a certified professional technology educator, content crafter, digital strategist, & social media guru for rad brands that have something important to say.

As an avid storyteller, I create compelling copy and dynamic images that show off what you do in a way that sells because it starts a meaningful, real conversation. I represent big-hearted small businesses who know that there is a big payoff from a personal touch. Original, on-brand and on-trend copy and photography can make a powerful difference in your marketing strategy. Let me show you how we can magnify your brand's voice!

From providing help with social media strategy, consultation, organizing social media previews and innovative marketing ideas, we help you ensure that you have a megaphone in the ever-growing online arena.

Check out my latest projects and follow our adventures on Instagram.

My Mission


As a licensed educator, my goal is to ensure that my clients have the latest information / strategies that will help them to stand out from the competition.


I listen carefully to the needs of my clients to get them the results they want, all while staying on-brand. I connect regularly to ensure the best results.


I build myself seamlessly into your company's social framework so that your customers have an authentic, positive experience with your brand.


I work hard to understand company culture and history to communicate complex messages simply to resonate with the public.

Hire Me.

Get ahead of the competition.

Social Media Management

Social media marketing can be hard, it doesn't have to be!

You run a business. You love your work. You don't want to waste hours on the computer. I get it, and I am here to give you your time back!


I will manage your social media channels and custom tailor an effective strategy to help you build your social media following.  I focus on an authentic connection with potential and current customers to naturally produce results. Let's work together to increase your revenue through up to the minute marketing methods.

I will cover with you the step-by-step process to plan and implement a strong digital marketing strategy for your restaurant and maximizing your time.

Pricing starts at $800 per month for weekly strategy consultation and daily custom content (including images).

Public Speaking

Not sure how to manage your social media? Well, lucky for you, I can help.


As an award-winning blogger and social media professional, I genuinely love delivering quality information to my clients. I help businesses of all kinds learn how to attract leads, increase conversions and clearly communicate messages in a way that inspires action. Marketing is my jam, and I want to make you and your business get your client's attention and their dollar.


Essentially, clients come to me when they want to stand out from the competition and make more money. Whether they work with a team or for themselves, I can provide the latest in current research to help them build their digital footprint and make a big splash online through dedicated, consistent presence.

Pricing starts at $20 per person per hour (10 student minimum) for a custom-designed course on social media strategy.

Social Media Coaching

Do you know what hashtags are for? How to set up a Facebook event? How to InstaStory? No? I've got your back.

My background in technology education gives me the expertise to provide you with a report assessing your needs, creating specific and measurable goals, and a thorough plan for maintaining your social media account. You will have a plan to strengthen continued relationships with customers and gain new ones as well.


We will start with a free 1-hour consultation to get to know your business needs and goals, and I will give you a comprehensive social media plan . Then we will check-in and answer any questions that may arise, and to adjust your strategy if needed. 

Pricing starts at $300 for a brand consultation, custom content ideas for one month, and a 1 hour personalized coaching session.

Praise & Love

We believe that our local business community is truly unique, and we want to help you to show it off in all its glory. Here are some stories from clients we have partnered with to build their digital presence.


"I’ve been worried for months about the future of the restaurant, the support and recognition you have given us has been transformative. I’m seeing so many new faces in already during what should be a slow month. And it really really means a lot to me, thank you very much and we all appreciate what you have done for us here at Park Lodge."

Chef Philip Stanton


"The Resort has developed a relationship with Erin that has gone far beyond content writing! Erin is a reliable and thoughtful partner to us across multiple projects, and often suggests helpful directions both for our content and for our events as a whole. She provides excellent work in a timely manner."

Cally King, Coeur d'Alene Resort


"I have found Erin to be professional, candid, and trustworthy.  She gives constructive feedback and is genuinely invested in her clients, and her fellow community members succeeding.  I have appreciated both her friendship, and her professional help."

Jill Leonetti, Prohibition Gastropub

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"Erin’s passion and enthusiasm for promoting the arts in our region is contagious. In this era of trigger-happy online reviewers, it’s refreshing to have a professional like Erin in my corner. She has a genuine heart for the hospitality industry.  I highly recommend utilizing her to greatly influence your word of mouth marketing strategy."

Naomi Boutz, Owner, Vine and Olive

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